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Bathroom Remodel in The Bay Area

We are an industry leader in the realm of bathroom remodeling. Our portfolio spans over a decade, and we’ve proudly transformed countless bathrooms from ordinary to extraordinary. We take immense pride in the awe-inspiring reactions we receive from our clients when they first lay eyes on their newly renovated bathrooms.

Are you weary of your bathroom’s antiquated fixtures and longing for a spa-like space to indulge in? Our team of adept designers and certified craftsmen are eager to manifest your vision. We offer full custom bathroom remodeling, whether it’s a makeover of an existing bathroom or the creation of a new one.

We believe in a collaborative approach to bathroom remodeling. We work closely with our clients, ensuring that their preferences, down to the minutest detail, are incorporated into the final design. We create a 3D model of the planned space, which you can experiment with, making adjustments until you’re delighted with the result.

Bathroom Remodeling Benefits

Style And Design Your Own Space

Style And Design Your Own Space

Increase Home Value

Increase Home Value

Better Use For Storage And Space

Better Use For Storage And Space

Primework Construction

Remodeling & Renovation in the Bay Area

The Necessary Step For Success

Our Plan Of Work For Bathroom Remodeling Projects

At Primework Construction, we understand that not everyone is ready for a full remodel. In such cases, we offer single bathroom installations to modernize your space.


Assess your needs and set goals: Take a good look at your current bathroom and identify aspects that need improvement.
Determine your goals for the renovation. Check if there is a need to enhance functionality, update the style, increase storage space, improve energy efficiency, or solve any specific issues.

Gather inspiration and create a design concept: We will help you browse design, and choose from our variety portfolio to gather inspiration for your bathroom renovation.  Create a design concept by selecting a color scheme, style, and overall aesthetic that you want to achieve in your new bathroom.  Consider the layout, lighting, fixtures, flooring, wall treatments, storage options, and other design elements.

Assess the space and plan the layout: Project manger will assist you with measuring the dimensions of your bathroom and create a layout plan.
Determine the placement of key fixtures such as the toilet, shower/bathtub, sink, vanity, and any additional features you want to incorporate.

Create a detailed project timeline: Break down the renovation into different phases and create a timeline for each step.
Consider factors such as ordering materials, demolition, plumbing/electrical work, installation of fixtures, tiling, painting, and finishing touches.
Be realistic about the time needed for each step and city inspections.



Research and select materials and fixtures: Research different materials, finishes, and fixtures available for your bathroom renovation.
Consider factors such as durability, functionality, maintenance requirements, and your design concept when making selections.
Look for suppliers or visit showrooms to explore options and get samples of materials.

Obtain necessary permits and permissions: Our responsibility will be to check and apply for the necessary permits and ensure compliance with local regulations.



Begin the renovation : Start by removing existing fixtures, tiles, and other elements. Proceed with plumbing and electrical work, making necessary adjustments and installations. Install any new fixtures, cabinets, and other features according to the layout and design plan. Complete the tiling, flooring, painting, and any other finishes. Ensure that all work is done to code and meets safety standards.

Inspect and finalize : Once the renovation is complete, we inspect the bathroom to ensure everything is functioning properly and meets your expectations. Make any necessary adjustments or touch-ups. Clean the space thoroughly and enjoy your newly renovated bathroom!


Remember, this plan provides a general overview, and the specific steps may vary depending on the complexity of your project and your personal preferences.

A Look at Our Work

We invite you to explore our inspiration gallery and previous bathroom renovations.

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